From a young age, American artist Evan Weselmann
has always been enamoured with line drawings.
In fact, he often likes to think that the objects he
illustrates are like balls of PlayDoh that can warp
in fun and interesting ways.

A plane is really just a
metal cylinder that could
be drawn as such in a very
rigid way, but where’s the
fun in that?

While Evan has his own pet peeves when he’s
travelling, he admits he’s probably a worse
traveller to the general public on an aeroplane
because he has to use the bathroom so many
times on a flight.

Still, being able to see the fun in things really
transpires through his art and way of life. He
sums it up best with his love/hate relationship
for airports. Though he thinks they can bring out
the worst in people, there’s just something so
inspiring about learning from your surroundings.