When asked why she goes by the name of the goddess of mercy in Chinese mythology, the Malaysian illustrator and art lecturer claims there’s no special significance behind the moniker she chose at random years ago.

It’s not hard to see how this spontaneity and what she describes as the “never-think-much” character of hers reflects in her bizarre illustrations.

Outfitted with outsized limbs and humanoid features, Guanyinma’s signature cast of botanical creatures are always up to various wild shenanigans, just like the starring potato in her LSM design.

While too modest to adopt the couch potato title for herself, she admits that her favourite moments during this crisis are Netflixing, snacking, and enjoying fried chicken at home.

But if there’s one thing that would get Guanyinma up and off the couch, it’s a common house gecko.

If I find a lizard in my
house, I would rather
abandon my home.