Stuck in Shanghai for months since the pandemic struck, Jinhwa sorely misses her friends and busy schedule back in Seoul. Yet the illustrator also confesses to enjoy the leisurely life staying with family in the Chinese city.

So it came as no surprise when she told us that her LSM design, characterised by striking patterns and colours, was really inspired by her own love story with her bed.

I like to lay in bed all day
and I wanted to show off its
coziness. I thought I’d also
add some elements people
might empathise with, such
as some good music, a cup
of non-caffeine tea and a
journal to wrap up the day.

The lockdown, however, wasn’t a complete snoozefest for Jinhwa. Outside of the 10 hours in bed every day, she did pick up some new indoor hobbies and try her hand at flower arrangement by watching YouTube videos.