South Korean illustrator Suji Jeong simply loves
taking notes and pictures wherever she travels. To
her, they are small simple joys that not only tell
stories, but also inspire her.

Preferring to illustrate with more tactile
mediums like watercolour and colour pencils, it’s
no wonder then that there’s a warm, naturalistic
touch to her works.

In designing her tee for Li Seng Min, she shared with
us that one of her worst bad weather experiences was
during a trip to Atlantic beach in North Carolina with
her friends. The group had to hold onto their beach
umbrellas so they didn’t blow away, but the worst part
was having sand in every part of their meals.

In the face of bad weather, Suji still chooses to see
the good in things, like how she’d endure a heavy
snowstorm on an overseas trip.

White snow covers
everything, and there is
something so cosy after
snowstorms. Watching snow
from the window and going
sledding are my favourites.
I think a snowy day is just
romantic, magical, delightful
and peaceful.